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Outdoor living room exhibit


Unaka lounger / nap couch


With the Arboretum building in the background, our exhibit stitched together the indoor vignettes with the landscape interventions.

Featuring a stone slab floor, Sunbrella & peeled log shade structure,  cherry lawn chairs, found metal “birds nest” firepit, a variety of furniture pieces custom made by local craftsman of regional hardwoods, ceramics, water features, floral compositions.  A true team effort!!

Installation begins

leveling the lawn

site evolves over 24 hours

Appadack chair

finished locust appadack chair with upholstry

Unaka Lounger progress

Unaka lounger

back view of Unaka lounger

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Gini Marshalls description of her experience

When Michael McDonough invited me to participate in his of the mountain veranda, I gladly accepted the challenge. My role has evolved from just choosing fabrics and accessories to overall assistant and sounding board for many of his creations and selections.

My greatest challenge on this project has been creating cohesiveness between so many unique pieces and personal styles. I chose the fabrics originally to tie the  Unaka Lounger and Appadack Chair together but, as the project evolved I recognized the need to actually treat them as their own work of art. With so many artists collaborating on our Mountain Veranda, the concept has really morphed into the feel of an eclectic mountain porch where unique pieces have been added over time. Each piece has its own story and brings a unique energy to the space as if collected over years of visiting studios throughout our region.

I believe we have created an outdoor room that is both comforting and inspiring. One can relax, one can create and one can be inspired by the unique energy of each design element.